If I have an issue with my floor, what do I do?
First check to see if your flooring, whether it is hardwood, vinyl, ceramic, carpet, or laminate, is still under warranty. If it is not, please give us a call so that we can properly diagnose your problem and we can further instruct you on the situation.

What do you inspect?
If you can walk on it, we can inspect it! Anything from carpet to hardwood to laminate to bamboo to cork to vinyl and luxury vinyl all the way to commercial tile, stone, underlayment, and specialty floors. We inspect everything from the smallest rips and tears to severe water damage, discoloration, splits, and cracks. Please give us a call today to schedule an inspection.

If I'm experiencing a problem with my carpet, tile, laminate, vinyl, or hardwood, do I have the right to hire my own inspector?
Yes. You also have the right to hire your own certified expert inspector if your flooring was previously inspected and your claim was denied.

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