Every manufacturer has their maintenance guidelines for each product and style they make. The dealer you purchase your flooring from should have given you or can furnish you the recommended cleaning products recommended for your new floor. Also needed is the knowledge of how to apply those products. If you know the manufacturer of the flooring product you purchased you can also usually go online to that manufacturer and find the information needed. Beware of using advertised products on your new or old floor without researching if that product is recommended by the manufacturer or not. Many advertised products can damage your floor as well as void any warranty the flooring many have.

A couple of examples?

There is a nationally advertised carpet cleaning product that the name is recognized by many homeowners. It does do a good job of cleaning spots out of the carpet but can also damage the color of your carpet due to a high pH content in the cleaner. The high pH in many cases damages the dye in the carpet fibers causing a permanent discoloration. This product would void the warranty of the carpet.
Another example is advertised on TV showing steam cleaning units used to clean your wood and laminate flooring. Any wood or laminate manufacturer clearly states that the use of this type of maintenance program WILL void your warranty. Steam, water and wood products do not mix. It is vital to use as little liquid, whether water or cleaning products, from making direct contact with your flooring.
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